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Why Counselling?

Often we can feel isolated in our struggles, feeling unable to share them with others for fear of being misunderstood or judged.


Unconditional Counselling provides a space for your struggles to be heard and held without any judgement.


Through talking with a qualified counsellor you may gain clarity and peace on issues in your life and find the courage to begin exploring them.

Person-centred counselling works with each individual's experience of themselves and the world around them which is why it is so important to 'come as you are'.

"As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves." - Carl Rogers

Counselling can enable you to understand yourself more fully and  help you to recognise your feelings and needs.​

Online Counselling

Beginning counselling can be, quite understandably, a nerve-racking experience. For some people, engaging in online sessions from the comfort of their own home can bring a sense of security that helps with this.

Online counselling enables individuals to step outside the geographic location of their village, town, or city, bringing a sense of anonymity which can help in feeling comfortable when opening up to a new person.


Online counselling can offer a freedom and flexibility to those who struggle to leave their home, work irregular shifts patterns, or are unable to find childcare. 

Provided you have a reliable internet connection, a device that works with video platforms, and a confidential space in your home or work environment, then online counselling is suitable for you.

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